Hello, I'm a technology leader! 👋

I've delivered mission-critical applications and platforms across a variety of domains, including credit, digital marketing, EdTech, academic publishing, and physical chemistry.

Across my career, I've lead teams and provided individual contributions to highly available platforms, cross-organization machine learning-enabled shared capabilities, web and native mobile applications, a distributed storage platform, and others.

My management philosophy is to continuously invest in my teams, using every project, task, deadline, success, and mistake to grow and nurture culture and talent. I believe that a shared vision and sustained investment in the organization is critical for scaling out and sustaining healthy and high performing teams; especially when it's not the most expedient or personally beneficial investment. (Yes, I have examples.)

It is my responsibility to ensure my partners, customers, and cross-functional teams are empowered to do their jobs effectively, efficiently, and with purpose and ownership.